Workout Of The Day

Teams of two :25 min AMRAP

1 Dead lift-1 hang clean -1 front squat 5 Burpees 15 KBS 30 sit-ups

Partner A runs 400 while partner B chips away. Bar bell complex goes up by 1 every time. RX 135/95

Partner B picks up where partner A left off.

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CrossFit Skylands

 WOW!! Just a few weeks ago Erin Kanaley got her very first pull-up. Fast forward to today and she did 42 in the hero WOD Danny.... INCREDIBLE!!! We are seriously proud and impressed... keep it up Erin!!
 Best of luck to Baylee and Steve at their competition today. They have worked so hard and there is no doubt they are ready to crush it today!! Be confident and proud... you have worked hard for this! We know you will make Skylands proud!!  Awesome work today Skylands! So great to see so many of you getting up the rope! #crossfit #ropeclimbin
 Just want to give a shout out to Steve Sedlak for absolutely killing it lately! Not only is he down 15 lbs... he also RX'd his first workout AND hit a 20 lb squat clean PR!!! We are so proud of you Steve! Hard work really pays off!!  Summer is officially here! Doors are open and sleds are out... nice job today Skylands!!
 What a great, sweaty morning with the Skylands crew. You've all earned your beers for today  Happy Birthday America! #relayrunsaresomuchfun #not  This is just too amazing not to share!! Jeff started with us 5 months ago and has made such an amazing transformation!!! He has worked VERY hard both at the gym and with his nutrition and the results are truly incredible. We are so proud of Jeff and so thankful to have been part of his journey. I guess this #CrossFit stuff really works