Workout Of The Day

Partner Workout: 30 Min AMRAP

One partner works while the other does a hold… Any time the hold is broken, the reps must stop! Divide reps any way you want.

60 Deadlifts 155/225

Plank Hold

60 Box Jumps

Wall Sit

60 Calorie Row

Deadlift Hold

60 Pullups

Bar Hang

60 Pushups

Handstand Hold

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CrossFit Skylands

 Awesome work today Skylands! So great to see so many of you getting up the rope! #crossfit #ropeclimbin  LOTS of PR's on the board today! Nice work Skylands... stronger everyday!!
 Summer is officially here! Doors are open and sleds are out... nice job today Skylands!!  Shout out to @egeaney1004 for completing her first RX workout!!! Congrats El!!!
 This is just too amazing not to share!! Jeff started with us 5 months ago and has made such an amazing transformation!!! He has worked VERY hard both at the gym and with his nutrition and the results are truly incredible. We are so proud of Jeff and so thankful to have been part of his journey. I guess this #CrossFit stuff really works   Sundays at Skylands aren't just fun for the adults!!!
 Congrats to Sharon, Jeff, and Steve on their amazing performances at the Masters of the Shed competition today. All 3 of you were fantastic! Sharon earned herself a 2nd place spot on the podium! Nice work... way to make Skylands proud!! #mastersoftheshed @redshedcrossfit @sryan262  We've talked a lot about our amazing members as the CrossFit Open has gone on... but let's take a minute to recognize our amazing coaches!!! Congratulations to Sharon, Anne, and Theresa on their amazing placements in their divisions in New Jersey!!!