Melissa Geaney
Owner, L1 CrossFit Instructor

I developed a love for CrossFit from the moment I walked into the gym.  I had finally found a workout that I could stick to because it combined my love of fitness with my love of sport and competition.  There were so many areas for growth and improvement that even now, I strive to be better every day. That’s the beauty of CrossFit and what keeps us all coming back for more!

A few years into my CrossFit journey, I decided that I wanted to share passion by becoming a coach. I figured it was time to take all the knowledge I have acquired from watching countless YouTube videos and pass it along.  Through coaching, I have discovered how inspiring it is to watch others achieve their goals.  Helping people set PRs, get their first muscle ups, or even make it through a tough workout, has given me a new purpose in my CrossFit journey.  The members of CrossFit Skylands inspire me every day, and I hope that I can do the same for them.  I look forward to getting to work with each and every one of you and help you with whatever you dream to achieve!