Jeff Korger
CrossFit Instructor

I started crossfit in October of 2010, pretty much on a dare from a friend. I hadn’t been very active, but was training for a 5K to try and motivate myself. She said it was 20-30 minutes of hard, dirty work. I was sore for 3 days after and on the first leg of a vacation. I went back as soon as I got home. “I drank the Kool-aid”. And was hooked. The thing I liked most was the atmosphere. Everybody wanted to help push each other to do better and push harder. I didn’t want to stop. And being in Law Enforcement, I saw the benefits of working out like this.

The first competition I tried was the Crossfit open in 2011. I have competed in the Open in 2012 and 2013. I have also completed a Tough Mudder, competed on the Nasty Northeast Throwdown with a team, and tried the Garage Games.

I liked it so much, I received my Crossfit Level 1 certification in February of 2012. Coaching people that are new to Crossfit is what I like most. Showing them that they can do the movements without getting hurt, and watching them build up their PR’s is amazing. I am considered the “Good cop” coach, I don’t yell as much as Karen.