Make sure to check out the new schedule!  There are a few things we changed up and a few things we added.  Be sure to check out Wildman Mike’s kettle bell class on Wednesdays at 9:00 and 5:30!  Also, we have added a mobility class with coach Annie every Thursday night at 5:30… this is a great way to keep your body functioning properly and could definitely help improve your overall flexibility!  Finally, some class times have changed slightly, so please be sure to check the new schedule!

Today’s Workout


For those who can already do kipping pullups… 10 minute EMOM of 5 Pull-ups every minute.

For those who are working towards kipping pullups:

Metcon: Descending ladder of cleans and jerks


As the reps go down, the weight goes up…

Sets of 10,9,8 @ 95/135

Sets of 7,6,5,4 @ 105/155

Sets of 3,2,1 @ 115/ 175

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